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Battery Testing and Replacement:
Our most requested service; our battery service includes testing, installation and silicon grease to prolong the life of your back gasket.We stock all batteries for the brands listed in our left banner along with universal batteries that are not unique to these brands. We pride ourselves in maintaining a fresh inventory to ensure all batteries installed are fully charged. Due to our longevity in the market, (over sixtyfour years) we have close relationships with the best battery suppliers in the industry. In the off chance we don't have it , we can get it!

Quartz Fit-Ups:

The term quartz refers to any watch movement that is battery powered and not mechanically powered.  Quartz movements do not require any sort of scheduled maintenance.  However, they seem to fail somewhat frequently most likely due to the fact that they do not contain a large amount of power.  The smallest fleck of dust or lint will block up the train and stop your watch.  In this event, I can perform an R.D.T. which means 'run down the train'. This often forces the dust or debris out of the movement, often requiring no additional servicing.  This is the 1st course of action on a quartz movement that doesn't respond with a battery change.  If this does not remedy the situation, an entire movement changeover is possible and not as expensive as it may sound!  Most quartz replacements are around a $100 and your beautiful watch will look exactly the same on the outside.

Quartz Conversion:
On some occasions I get a customer who has inherited an older mechanical watch that is in a state of disrepair I.E rust damage, broken unavailable parts etc. The greatest percentage of these watches are precious watches (heirlooms) that have been handed down through the family. In these cases I have been able to convert the mechanical movement to a more modern battery powered movement.  These watches will look as they did originally on the outside, moreaccurate and not as delicate, enabling them to be more conducive to daily wear than an antique watch!

I do written appraisals on Knight Watch business letterhead complete with photos. I perform an internet search in order to find a market comparable item.  I also use industry documentation and reference guides for identification and authentication. This makes it possible to give you a replacement value for vintage watches and validate it's properties.  In some cases I am able to give both a comparable vintage replacement as well as a new replacement.

Care and Handling Sheets:
I have found my customers like this service in either the case of receiving an heirloom watch or before gifting an heirloom watch.  This information sheet gives customers information on winding and setting their watch as well as the do's and don'ts of your vintage watch.  I also include a brief history of the watch itself.

Water Proofing:
Having your sport watch water tested is a way to check the integrity of all of its gaskets. All watches have a minimum of three (3) gaskets, the crown, case back and crystal. Without a water test, the only gasket I will inspect is the case back gasket.  Most watches are called water resistant by manufacturers.  This essentially means that it is 'splash proof' not water proof as most people believe. My equipment is rated for Rolex dive watches. Keep this in mind when you decide you would like your watch water tested. If you choose to have a water test done, there is a charge whether the watch passes or not, (after all we do the work).  If it fails, we can then discuss how to remedy the failure.

Crystal Replacement:
I keep a large selection of crystals (front glass) in stock.  Crystals come in a variety of materials. It is usually best to stick with the original material and thickness; however I can sometimes supply a different material, thickness or in some cases supply a decorative glass.

Band Sizing:
I can size a large variety of bands, and usually prefer to do them on the spot. In some cases it may be necessary to return, and I always return your extra links.  It's wise to keep them in a safe place as spare parts in the event a portion of the band breaks.  I can often use extra links to make a repair.

Other Services and Repairs:
Due to the personalized nature of our business, we can not possibly list all services and repairs we can do. We highly recommend and encourage you to contact EckoCo at 719-886-1548 or eckoco@comcast.net for a preliminary assessment to determine if we can be of service.

Our Promise to You
We are dedicated to providing each and every customer the highest quality workmanship and the fastest service at the most competitive price possible.

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